Cataracts in Paducah

Cataracts in Paducah

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Anyone can develop an eye disease, and cataracts or a particularly troubling condition and that they can eventually cause blindness. Luckily, this type of blindness can be reversible if you are eligible for surgery and the condition can be helped along with frequent treatment. If you need care for cataracts in Paducah KY then we here at Eyewear Express can help.

During a routine eye exam, our eye doctors will look out for even the earliest signs of any eye disease or condition that may affect you. While there are certain risk factors that may put certain individuals at a greater chance of developing certain conditions, cataracts included, anyone is capable of developing issues like these or even glaucoma as well. Since these diseases can cause vision damage or vision loss, annual testing is highly recommended and encouraged for people of all ages. People who may be at a greater risk of developing something like cataracts include people with a particular family history for cataracts, people Who have suffered from significant eye damage in the past or with certain vitamin deficiencies, people with diabetes, as well as senior citizens are all more likely to develop cataracts and may need to schedule more frequent testing. Here at Eyewear Express provide you for eye testing to detect cataracts in Paducah KY as well as any treatment or additional care if you do happen to develop this condition.

Cataracts develop when the lenses of the eye, otherwise known as the cornea, becomes increasingly opaque. This condition generally develops over the period of years, growing worse with time. During early stages of this condition, you’re changing eyesight can be treated much like nearsightedness is with the help of prescription lenses. But as cataracts grow worse, your lenses will grow more opaque more difficult to see through. No matter what stage your cataracts are in, we can provide you with the proper care here at Eyewear Express, if you need treatment or testing for cataracts in Paducah KY, all you have to do is call us here at our offices today.

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