Woodlawn-Oakdale kids eye care

Woodlawn-Oakdale Kids Eye Care

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Having optimal vision is reason enough to bring your child in for our pediatric eye testing here at Eyewear Express. But additional benefits are to be had by the prompt detection and treatment of childhood eye conditions and diseases, which respond best when timely attention is paid to them. By doing so, you can help your child to avoid possible long term consequences.

The foundation of our Woodlawn-Oakdale kids eye care is a vision test. Your child’s first one should occur ideally by age five, and definitely not later than having began schooling. He or she may not be aware that there is any deficiency in her or his vision, and so cannot alert you to the fact. But with greater sharpness and clarity provided by our Woodlawn-Oakdale kids eye care, your child will have an opportunity to excel in school, sports, and so many other everyday activities. And unlike in the past, there is typically less resistance to the idea of wearing eyeglasses among children. Many even look forward to the experience, especially with an attractive pair of frames. Your child could suffer the impact of glaucoma or cataracts, both of which produce little to no signs during their early stages. There’s no reason to risk that when a few simple tests lead to a conclusive determination. Amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus (crossed eyes), and double vision are also conditions that need to be checked for. They are all related to the way your child’s brain processes signals from the eyes, but you can be assured that the solutions for these difficulties are quite simple and effective, often consisting of special eyeglasses, wearing an eye patch, or the application of eye drops.

Let our office schedule a convenient time for you to come in with your child for our Woodlawn-Oakdale kids eye care. Reach out to us now for an appointment.

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