Woodlawn-Oakdale multifocal lenses

Woodlawn-Oakdale Multifocal Lenses

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Multifocal lenses in Woodlawn-Oakdale

Many people are diagnosed with difficulty seeing objects at a distance clearly (myopia) and wear eyeglasses, which remedy the problem and allow the patient to focus properly on the distant object. Our Eyewear Express optical practice of provides diagnosis and vision corrections for individuals with all forms of refractory problems. However, as many of us age we can also develop a problem with seeing objects that are close clearly (presbyopia), again eyeglasses fix the problem. If you have problems seeing objects that are close or at a greater distance clearly Woodlawn-Oakdale multifocal lenses may be what you need to see all objects clearly.

For patients that use eyeglasses for myopia the emergence of presbyopia at about age 40 or so can complicate the challenge of seeing at all distances. In order to focus on objects that are distant and then those that are close the viewer would have to switch eyeglasses quite often. Our optical practice alleviates this problem by prescribing and then fabricating eyeglasses that feature Woodlawn-Oakdale multifocal lenses, lenses that contain more than one focal power to facilitate clear vision at more than one distance. Bifocals contain two different focal powers, with the distance power on the top and the close vision focal power underneath. The bottom portion of the lens can be configured in several different shapes with the straight complete bottom portion of the lens being the most popular type of lens. The patient looks straight through the lens to see far away objects and looks down slightly to see close objects or read. Trifocals have three focusing powers in the lens; the middle portion of the lens is for intermediate objects such as those at arms length, computer work is an example of intermediate vision.

Many people can benefit from bifocals or trifocals but do not like the look of the lines that separate the different lens components. Our optical shop also provides progressive Woodlawn-Oakdale multifocal lenses, which feature the bi- or trifocal lenses without any lines instead each segment of the lens blends seamlessly into one another. If your vision has changed and you are beginning to have trouble seeing close objects call our office for an appointment and start to see everything clearly again.

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