Cataracts in Woodlawn-Oakdale

Cataracts in Woodlawn-Oakdale

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Cataracts evaluations in Woodlawn-Oakdale

When it comes to taking care of your health, making sure you are up to date with your checkups is essential. This can be especially true for people who are at risk for certain diseases or other conditions. When it comes to screenings for and treatment of cataracts in Woodlawn-Oakdale, we here at Eyewear Express can make sure that you and your family get the comprehensive care that you need.

In general, people of all ages should have their eyes checked about once every year. This includes both comprehensive eye exams as well as vision screenings. Eye exams look for early signs of disease or other developments, including things like cataracts. Cataracts can also impact your eyesight, so vision screenings can be helpful in diagnosing this condition as well. Here at Eyewear Express, we can provide patients with comprehensive eye exams that look for conditions like cataracts in Woodlawn-Oakdale, and provide them with the care they need if the condition develops. Our eye care experts – Mark Seilheimer, Dr. Steven Gamblin and Andrea Davis – are here to make sure that you are given the care you need and that any treatment required is administered where necessary. People with diabetes or a family history of cataracts are more likely to develop them, but other people can experience them as well. Cataracts occur when the lens of the eye thickens, making it gradually more difficult to see through. Cataracts are first treated much like nearsightedness, using prescription lenses to enhance vision, but once cataracts become advanced then options like surgery may be recommended.

If you have cataracts, are at risk for cataracts, or are simply overdue for an eye exam, please visit us here at Eyewear Express to get the eye care that you deserve where we can provide you with comprehensive care you need for cataracts in Woodlawn-Oakdale.

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