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Contact Lens Exam Woodlawn-Oakdale

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Contact lens exams and fittings in Woodlawn-Oakdale

Contact lens exam Woodlawn-Oakdale
Contact lens exam Woodlawn-Oakdale

Contact lens exams and fittings constitute one of the many valuable services that we provide here at Eyewear Express. You can’t truly get the most out of your contacts unless you know that they’ll be comfortable, and free of problems.

Of course, the most important thing your contacts do for you is to improve your vision so that it’s as sharp and clear as possible. They do so in a more natural way than eyeglasses do, sitting directly up against your eyes. It’s that same feature, though, that is the reason behind our contact lens exam Woodlawn-Oakdale. Your contacts touch three key parts of your eyes: the conjunctiva, the corneas, and the eyelids. Our eye doctor, as part of a comprehensive checkup, does a more detailed examination on those three parts. If there are any potential issues that could result in complications with wearing contacts, we want to find out or you right away. By doing so, either the situation can be remedied, or you can be sure that eyeglasses are the best option for you. Either way, discovering this information prior to getting contacts is crucial. After having our contact lens exam Woodlawn-Oakdale, our eye doctor will prescribe the appropriate contacts for you. Our optical department will then conduct a fitting. There are two benefits of this action. First, and foremost, is comfort. If your lenses do not feel good when you put them in, what is most likely to happen? You’ll either invent reasons not to wear them, or you will become frustrated and associate that feeling with your contacts. And proper positioning means that you are getting every bit out of the prescription as it was intended to provide.

While you’re thinking of it, reach out to our office right now and set up an appointment to come in for our contact lens exam Woodlawn-Oakdale.

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